home security monitoring


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Q: How do I reset my alarm when there is a Sys Tbl?
A: Press reset or hold 9 for five seconds

Q: How do I deactivate an alarm system?
A: Type code in and press on/off

Q: Can I pay my bill with electronic check or with my credit card?
A: Yes! Print out THIS form, complete all fields and send to Gove Security

Q: How do I clear a false alarm?
A: Call Central Station at 602-244-1234 or 1-800-633-2677 and give name and pass-code

Q: How do I set my alarm at night so the interior is not armed?
A: Press the interior button then the on/off button (For Magnum panels press "B" twice)

Q: There is a trouble code on my keypad. What does it mean?

  • E01-00 = no power to alarm
    Check outlet that the transformer to the alarm is plugged into
  • E02-00 = master panel battery is low and needs to be replaced
    Call for service
  • E03-00 = the phone line to the alarm has been disconnected
    Check the home line and if any recent work has been done on the phone lines, call the phone company
  • E04-00 = Transmitter supervisory failure
    Call for service
  • E05-00 = Transmitter low battery
    Battery in transmitter needs to be replaced please call for service

Q: What is my Customer number and Account number?
A: Look on the monthly bill. The Account number starts with "CA". The Customer number is a 4 digit number on the top right of the bill. Remember to always write either number on your payment