home security monitoring



For subscriber access enter your receiver # and account #. Your password is your central station clear code.

Receiver # CA1
Account # 6500
Password 9999
You can view your account information and alarm history.

Your receiver number and account number are listed on your monthly monitoring state- ment.

We're serious about your security!

Are you tired of getting calls in the middle of the night?? You can receive low priority signals (i.e. low battery) by text message or e-mail. Please contact us if you would like to make that change.


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Each city requires that you have a valid alarm permit. Be sure that your permit is up to date and valid for the city in which you live. You can avoid unnecesary penalties with the city. If you need a new permit application, please click the contact link and let us know what your city is required for your permit and we will send you the proper paperwork.


GO GREEN!! Get Your Invoice via E-mail, You can even automate your payment!

Avoid down time with your alarm, voiding your warranty, and costly repairs after the fact. Call us prior to starting work on your home so that we can partner together for Your benefit.


Cell number changed? Switched jobs? Responsible Party moved or changed numbers?

It is important that you notify GSS in writing if you have changes to your account information. Correct numbers are needed to notify you when situations arise on your alrm. Having the correct numbers helps us provide timely dispatch of the authorities or cancellation of false alarms

Extended Warranty Level I available to all

  • Covers any malfunction or failure of equipment or failure of equipment excluding acts of nature, tampering, remodeling, or wireless batteries

  • $7.99 for all of Maricopa County

  • $8.99 for surrounding areas

Extended Warranty Level II

  • Covers acts of nature, wireless batteries, and up to 3 door/window contacts due to remodel.

  • $5.00 on top of Level I package unless covered by original warranty

  • All other service needs not covered in this package